Need a 5 minute timer?

If you need to set a timer for 5 minutes and Siri isn’t around, you’re time has come. Here at, we put together this video timer to let you knock out your 5 minute activity. Simply scroll to the video and the 5 minute timer will be set. You can pause the video if you’d like to hold the timer at a certain point and then start it up again—it truly is like magic. We decided to make this a 5 minute timer with music, in case you wanted a little jazz (or pop) in the background while you do what you need to do. We hope you enjoy the timer and that it suits your needs. If you happen to have 5 more minutes to spare, you can check out more of our content from below. Also ignore the guy in the video, he’s not really important.

Have 5 more minutes?

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