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The goal of this site is to bring transparency and personal experience to every article. There are search results on the internet that cover many of the same topics on this site, but few of those results are curated and written by experts. In fact, some of them aren’t written by people at all.

The backbone of In 5 Minutes is the contributors and the experts who help advise and provide their insight to the articles we write. Below is a list of contributors who have lent their time and expertise to review the articles on this site.

Clara is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and the co-founder and owner of The Happy Hour Nashville-based Wellness Center. She began her career as a marketing professional, graduating with a Masters in Business from Vanderbilt, but found her true passion as a life coach some years ago. She holds private sessions, group workshops, and intention settings for anyone going through a transition or just looking to live deeper in their moments. Visit The Happy Hour or follow them on Instagram to learn more.
Emily graduated with a psychology degree from Lee University before beginning her career in social work. She works in Vocational Rehabilitation to provide Individual Placement and Support services through an internationally accredited psychosocial rehabilitation clubhouse called AIM Center Inc. Prior to which, she worked in a crisis hospital before moving onto supported employment services.
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George Liang is a 16x Certified Salesforce Solutions Architect. He is the Founder and Principal Consultant of SalesXGroup and is vastly familiar with implementing business process and solutions on the Salesforce platform. He can be contacted through his site here.
Norn and Naomi Goodkin offer one of the best ways to become Ham Radio Certified in Southern California. Sign up for their one-day course by visiting Goodkin Ham Radio Class
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Macy is the Founder of Heidi & Hans Home, a sourcing and styling company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to starting her own company, Macy was previously the Director of Couture at Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago, IL. Visit her site to learn more.
Margaux Krause wears many hats as an engineer, blogger, wife and mother. She believes there are not enough hours in a day so she leans on tools like schedules, to-do lists, and mom hacks. She shares tips for busy moms at her blog A Momma and her Flock. In the professional environment, Margaux works for a Korean automotive company and travels to South Korea annually when possible. She interacts with her Korean colleagues regularly over video conferencing, chat, and email. Check out some of her other How-to’s, such as "How to create a vision board for 2021"at her blog.
Professional stylist and wardrobe consultant who previously worked with Nordstrom, Trunk Club, and currently styles with Ready to Where. Follow her@ StyleRecipeByMarjorie.
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NovelTeas is the creator of NovelTea Tins™. Their tea containers resemble great books with original moteaf artwork and uniquely blended teas inside, flavored to the theme of a classic novel. Check out their site to see their line of tea tins.
Paul is the Founder & Editor of He is a Certified Salesforce Marketer, FAA Drone Pilot, HSK Chinese Speaker, Ham Radio Operator, NASM Personal Trainer, and Certified Canon operator amongst other things. He hosted and produced the first original programs for Hulu and Twitch and helped launch a pilot program for teaching soft skills to incarcerated students. He currently runs content marketing for an aerospace company in Los Angeles. If you'd like to request a consultation, contact Paul here.
Sam is a Certified Flight Instructor with multiple instrument ratings (CFI, CFIII, MEI) based out of Thrust Flight in Addison, Texas.
Sarah is an Oregon-based writer and court reporting student. Since starting her content-writing and transcription business, Hansa Scribe, in 2015, she’s had the privilege of delving into numerous, varied subjects. Today, she mainly focuses on education, finance, and cultures around the world.
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The combination of an Interior Designer’s eye (Tiffany) and some OCD (Tarek), Sonder Los Angeles is the creator of some of the best-selling wood cutting boards on the market. Their original innovative designs have brought new life and excitement to a century-old product and have been featured in Bustle, Wirecutter, and TheSpruce to name a few. Visit their site to learn more.
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Todd is a jack-of-all trades who is an expert medical detector, laser show technician, search and rescue volunteer, ham radio operator, and award-winning video producer. Follow him on Twitter @ToddRoy for everything from odd riddles to metal detecting videos.
Vicky Lee is a hairstylist specializing in Balayage hairstyles in Los Angeles, Ca. Vicky is based out of the Agence Salon and is a personal stylist who also does wedding hair and makeup. Follow Vicky on IG @vicksterness