About Paul Nyhart

  • Stan Lee launches online series with Vuguru and HDFilms

    Stan Lee launches online series with Vuguru and HDFilms

    My first production was casting and hosting Fan Wars with Stan Lee. One of the first 100 series financed as a “YouTube Original,” Fan Wars was a ten series, six-figure production produced alongside Vuguru productions for Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube Channel.

  • Paul hosts his 100th episode of “The Morning After” on Hulu

    Paul hosts his 100th episode of “The Morning After” on Hulu

    The Morning After on Hulu was the first original show produced for Hulu in 2010. I was able to become a lead writer, producer, and eventually a host in 2012. in 2013, I hosted my 100th episode of the program.

  • Game Talk Live partners with Sony and Twitch for H1Z1 announcement

    After producing, writing, and hosting over 130 episodes of The Morning After on Hulu, I helped launch the first original video game talk show on Twitch. Game Talk Live reached its first milestone moment with the President of Sony Online Entertainment, Jon Smedley, exclusively announcing the release of H1Z1. The live episode received over 100,000 concurrent viewers and was one of the first game releases to be announced via Twitch.

  • Ranker video team hits 100 million monthly video views on Facebook

    Ranker video team hits 100 million monthly video views on Facebook

    Ranker was one of the top 200 Quantcast sites when they hired me to head their video department in 2014. Three and half years later, our video team had over fifteen full-time creators in both the United States and the Philippines. In my tenure, we regularly averaged over 100 million video views, generated brand deals with a number of Hollywood movie studios, and helped the social team grow our social following by over 20 million followers.

  • California Community Colleges launches pilot program for incarcerated students

    California Community Colleges launches pilot program for incarcerated students

    I had the opportunity to teach lessons from The New World of Work academic curriculum to Incarcerated Students. The lessons were taught at the Central California Women’s Facility in three separate classes, focused on improving soft skills and anti-recidivism.

  • HSK 3 Test Results

    Paul passes HSK Chinese Level 3 Exam

    I began studying Chinese in 2015. Two years later, I passed the HSK Chinese 3 exam (on my second attempt). The HSK 3 Chinese Exam tests non-native Chinese speaker’s ability to read, write, and listen to Mandarin. To pass, test-takers need to have a deft understanding of at least 600 Chinese words.

  • The Wrap partners with Netflix on “Fauda” branded content campaign

    I became the Head of Video at The Wrap in 2018. A few months into my tenure, I had the chance to produce and lead a branded content campaign promoting Season 2 of Fauda on Netflix.

  • ICON Aircraft manufactures 100th A5 airplane

    ICON Aircraft created its first prototype of the amphibious A5 aircraft in 2010. Nine years later In 2019, the 100th A5 aircraft came off the assembly line. I was hired as the head of content and content manager in 2018. I had a chance to shoot, edit, and produce the video celebrating the decade long journey that culminated in the 100th A5 being made.

  • Sample book page on Audible

    Paul publishes the science-fiction novel and audiobook “Bao”

    After my experience studying the Chinese language, working in the gaming industry, and having written for some of the largest websites on the internet, I published Bao in 2019. Bao is the story of a game designer who overcomes his chronic anxiety through the creation of a humanoid robot that only speaks Chinese.

  • American Film Market announces 2020 festival will be online

    Inaugurated in 1981, the American Film Market is one of the longest-running Hollywood Industry trade shows. For 2020, AFM moved online due to the covid-19 pandemic. The group asked me to produce and create a video promoting the event moving online, which you can view here.

  • In5Minutes.com is launched

    In5Minutes.com is launched

    After nearly ten years in entertainment, gaming, marketing, aerospace, and tech startups, Paul launches in5minutes.com as a resource to better understand nearly anything and everything … in 5 minutes.

Sample Works by Paul Nyhart

Filming the ICON A5 at Lake Isabel near Seattle, WA

Producing Reel 2016 to 2018

Story of Bao Podcast Trailer

American Film Market 2020 Online Promo

Pardot Web Form Integration – Example

Science-Fiction Novel “Bao”

Featured posts written by Paul

I hold certifications and various accreditations in the following areas and tools:

FAA Drone/Remote Piloting
Google Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Mandarin Chinese
ARRL Ham Radio Operations
NASM Personal Training
Adobe Premiere
Canon Cinema Cameras
Screen Actors Guild
Incarcerated Students Educational Programs
Homeless Advocacy

This site is not meant as a portfolio, but rather an index of lessons learned. In5minutes is an introduction to both the people I’ve been able to work with and the passions that I’ve discovered. A guide for those who may be exploring seemingly countless topics.